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Meet Ren...

Welcome to Crystal Mind!  I believe that mega bold crystal bling will enhance your life.  When I woke up to the power of crystals, everything changed for me.  I was called to wearing huge crystal pieces that really stood out.  I could feel the power of their energy and people around me began to stop and ask me about them.

The beauty and energetic vibration of crystals is palpable to the sensitive medium.  As you merge with crystals you have the opportunity to bring your mind into their vibrational frequency of order.  With a clear mind and heart, I really believe we can do anything we put our minds to.

The crystals featured here are all really special to me and I want to share them with you.  If you see a piece that speaks to you there is a good chance you are meant to be together.  Feel free to order on this site, or message me personally if you want more pictures or video of these amazing crystal beings.

At Crystal Mind, we believe:

  • crystals are alive and have a certain vibrational frequency
  • our intuition guides us to certain crystals we need
  • the molecular order in the structure of a crystal helps to bring mental clarity
  • bigger is better
  • wearing big crystals is a fashion statement – of love, harmony and truth
  • other people will be blessed by your crystal


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